What is Gotcha Traps?

We aim to provide the best products on the market for small animal tracking and trapping. Widely at use in NZ, Gotcha Traps inked tracking cards and tracking tunnels are unprecedented on the worldwide market. We provide the best tracking system available for small animals and insects, and freely supply information on how to read and document the tracks of each animal.
Originating in New Zealand, Gotcha Traps is quickly spreading across the globe.. Researchers and conservationists from Europe to Asia to the U.S.A are recognizing the effectiveness of the Gotcha Traps products. If you would like to become a world wide agent, please contact us!

Welcome to Gotcha Traps

The worlds most cost efficient and effective forest tracking and monitoring system

The Black Trakka™ was developed in NZ by Warren Agnew and is now patented in many countries.

Approved as standard operating procedure with NZ Dept of Conservation.

The Black Trakka™ benefits include:
•LOW COST – lowest price in NZ and low cost to transport.
•LIGHT WEIGHT – over 100 can be carried in a backpack.
•EASY TO USE – Just fold and click to make the tube. Unfold the card and place in the tube.
•READY FOR USE – No work required to make components.
•READILY AVAILABLE – Can be supplied to any mail delivery location in NZ.
•ALL WEATHER USE – Not temperature dependent.
•CAN BE USED TO DETECT ALL PESTS AND/OR PROTECTED SPECIES – Rats, Ferrets, Weasels, Mice, Hedgehogs, Weta & Frogs.

What is the Black Trakka?

The Black Trakka is a monitoring system widely used within New Zealand. Developed by the Stoat Technical Advisory Group of the Department of Conservation, this system has provided a reliable source for tracking small animals and insects for over a decade.

Through cooperation with government agencies such as the Department of Conservation (DoC) as well as through home monitoring, we aim to assist in New Zealand’s predator-free campaign to fully eradicate all pests and predators by the year 2050. While it might seem like a daunting task, with the help of the Black Trakka, locating predators has never been so easy.

Read more about the Predator-Free NZ goal here


We specialize in providing weatherproof, inked tracking cards and tunnels for conservation projects, research projects, and more!
Warren Agnew
Warren Agnew

Meet the Inventor

Stoats, rats and other pests make a serious mistake when they cross the path of Scotts Landing resident Warren Agnew. He has been on the trail of these animals for decades with his latest innovation being a toxic trap that kills with a poison spray. In the fight to save our native fauna from predation from introduced pests, Warren has also developed tracking tunnels, foot recording systems and an electronic trap.

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