Perfect For Home Monitoring

Use the Black Trakka to track animals living around your home! Easy to set up, lightweight to transport, and affordable for the average household. A tracking information guide is included with each order of tracking cards for new customers. Set tunnels around your home to help locate pests, and engage in helping New Zealand become predator free by 2050!

Key places to set the Black Trakka:

– Garages
– Barns
– Decks
– Compost sites
– Veggie Gardens
– Flower Gardens

Once pest tracks are located, it’s easy to substitute the inked tracking card with a Kness rat trap. We have found that this trap works best in our tunnels, as it can be triggered from either direction and the size fits perfectly inside the tunnel.

Eliminating pests from your area will help assist NZ in becoming predator free by 2050. In addition to locating pests, you can even discover unique, friendly animal species on your property. Identify the tracks of lizards, geckos, frogs, wetas, and other insects using the Black Trakka.