Leading source in tracking small animals and insects

New Zealand has the most threatened species in the world!

  • 81% of birds

  • 88% of reptiles

  • 72% of freshwater fish endangered

  • 25 million birds die per year through predation

With the aid of the Black Trakka weather-proof tunnel and inked card system, you can help create a predator free New Zealand.

The Black Trakka…

  • Helps protect native New Zealand wildlife, particularly the birds

  • Encourages the growth and regeneration of native plants by providing data for pest elimination

  • Increases the survival chances for endangered species

  • Provides accurate data and information on detecting and identifying the special creatures and common pests living in & around your own section

Inventors and Distributors of: Black Trakka, a system which allows species and gender specific identification

The Black Trakka™ was developed in NZ by Warren Agnew and is now used in many countries. The product specializes in species identification and can even identify individual mammals by the size of their feet. Approved as standard operating procedure with NZ Dept of Conservation, used by research Scientists internationally, equally suitable for backyard home monitoring.

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