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Black Trakka Tracking Tunnel in the bush showing ink card and tunnel stay.

Black Trakka Tracking Tunnels

Gotcha Traps are the inventors and distributors of the Black Trakka tracking tunnel system for pest and at-risk species detection and monitoring.

Black Trakka™ tracking tunnels were developed in New Zealand by Warren Agnew and are now used in many countries throughout the world. Our tracking tunnels are specially designed for species identification and can even identify individual mammals by the size of their feet. Approved as the standard operating procedure by the New Zealand Department of Conservation and used by research scientists internationally, Black Trakka™ is equally suitable for backyard home monitoring.

Why Monitor For Pests?

Consider these quotes from the New Zealand Department of Conservation… (source)

“How will you know if your pest control is working?
Monitoring is an essential tool for your PF2050 group.”

“Predator Free 2050 is all about outcomes, and outcomes are all about monitoring
– so let’s get monitoring.”

“It can be essential to have monitoring results when
applying for funding and promoting your group.”

Black Trakka small animal monitoring card

New Zealand has the most threatened species in the world!

  • 81% of birds
  • 88% of reptiles
  • 72% of freshwater fish endangered
  • 25 million birds die per year through predation

With the aid of the Black Trakka weather-proof tracking tunnel and inked card system, you can help monitor pests and at-risk species and create a predator-free New Zealand.

Black Trakka Tracking Tunnels

  • Helps protect native New Zealand wildlife, particularly the birds
  • Encourages the growth and regeneration of native plants by providing data for pest elimination
  • Increases the survival chances for endangered species
  • Provides accurate data and information on detecting and identifying the special creatures and common pests living in & around your own section

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Pest & Endangered Species Monitoring

Defend from pests and protect native wildlife with Black Trakka Tracking Tunnels. Gotcha Traps is the inventor and official supplier of high-quality tracking tunnels in New Zealand. Our innovative tracking tunnels are designed to help you identify unwanted pests like stoats, ferrets, and rats quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Gotcha Traps Tracking Tunnels?

  • Early Detection: Identify pest activity before it becomes a major problem. Tracking tunnels provide a non-invasive way to monitor pest presence and take necessary control measures.
  • Targeted Control: Knowing which pests are present allows you to choose the most effective trapping or baiting methods, saving you time and resources.
  • Durable and Reusable: Our tracking tunnels are built to last from high-quality materials, making them a cost-effective solution for long-term pest control.
  • Easy to Use: Setting up and using Gotcha Traps tracking tunnels is simple. We provide clear instructions to ensure you get the most out of them.

How Gotcha Traps Tracking Tunnels Work

  1. Place the Tracking Tunnel: Position the tunnel in areas with suspected pest activity, like near fence lines, under decks, or around compost bins.
  2. Add Bait (Optional): For increased effectiveness, place a small amount of peanut butter or other attractant inside the tunnel.
  3. Monitor Regularly: Check the tracking tunnel daily for signs of pest activity. Look for footprints, droppings, or fur marks on the ink pad inside the tunnel.
  4. Take Action: Once you’ve identified the pest, you can choose the appropriate trapping or baiting method to eliminate them.

Protect New Zealand’s unique ecosystem! By using Black Trakka tracking tunnels, you can help control introduced predators and safeguard native wildlife.

Order your Gotcha Traps Tracking Tunnels today! We offer a variety of options to suit your needs. Browse our selection and choose the perfect tracking tunnel to help keep your land pest-free.

Additional Information

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Let Gotcha Traps be your partner in defending against pests and protecting native wildlife!

Protecting native species from predatory invaders can only be achieved if we know how many are still out there to catch, not just how many we have caught.

We partner with...

  • Sanctuaries of NZ
  • Predator Free NZ
  • Maungatautari Mountain Sanctuary
  • Rotokare Scenic Reserve
  • Brook Waimarama Sanctuary
  • The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)
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