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Black Trakka pre-inked cards

$1.85 +GST per card

  • Generally packed in sets of 50 cards
  • Long lasting – 12 months in sealed bags
  • Long lasting and resilient out in the environment – Ink remains moist in the sun & resists running in the rain
  • Ink is non-toxic for sensitive and treasured species such as lizards, frogs and weta

Black Trakka tunnel

$13.45 +GST per tunnel

  • Includes 2 x hold down wires
  • Very durable; do not break down into microplastics in the environment (existing tunnel networks have some 20+ Years in situ)
  • Recyclable #5
  • Lightweight and portable, for easy response to incursions – e.g. 50 tunnels with 100 wires weigh just 8.8kg  (see a picture of 50 stack plus wires below)
  • 500mm L x 100mm H x 100mm W

Small tunnel (e.g. lizards, insects, mouse traps):

$7.70 +GST per tunnel

  • Same material as standard Black Trakka tunnel
  • 250mm L x 60mm H x 60mm W


  • Standard tunnel extra wires = $1.25 +GST
  • Small tunnel extra wires = $1.00 +GST

Tracking guide booklets

$13.85 +GST

  • What made these tracks? A guide to assist in interpreting the tracks of small mammals, lizards and insects (Warren Agnew, 2015)
  • Popular with field staff, education programmes and as an office resource

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: +64 27 498 0229
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