Gotcha Traps Limited have developed a computer software program capable of monitoring hundreds of trap signals at a time by recognising each traps individual code number.  Particularly useful in live capture trapping situations (ie; pigs or cats etc), as the New Zealand Government Regulation requires 12 hourly checks and the Got1 GSM Trap Monitor sends two signals per day indicating the trap is still SET.  When the trap is triggered the signal is immediate and reflects the exact time.

The GOT1 Trap Monitor fits to most standard mechanical traps and sends status messages twice daily by text message or email, to any internet email account.

Data from the trap passes via your local cell-phone connection to any email address or cloud-based database.  Your requirements for notification can now be used to send you either email or text messages.  Notifications of trap status are sent out twice daily or as required.

RANGE:  As long as there is 1 bar cell-phone coverage from Vodafone then the SMS will be sent.  On installation a Vodafone SIM is required to be installed into the unit.  Periodic (remote) recharges will then be required as the stored Value is used up.

BATTERY:  The GOT1 GSM system uses rechargeable Lithium batteries.  If status messages are sent twice daily then the battery life in temperate conditions is expected to be in excess of 3 months.

The GOT1 Trap Monitoring System is available for outright purchase or on a monthly leasing program from Gotcha Traps Limited.

To order call:  09 425-6483